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People have been flocking to wireless speakers since manufacturers promise ultimate freedom and perfect sound. However, the truth is that in reality they are some issues which are frequently hampering the proper operation of these wireless models. I will take a look at some of these issues and also if some pointers about how to improve wireless reception.

Before talking about wireless speakers in general, I will have to talk about wireless speaker technologies in order to better differentiate between different types. First of all, you probably have heard about Bluetooth speakers. These types of speakers are now so dominant that they cover about 90% of the wireless speaker market. Their main application is in streaming music from a cell phone or another Bluetooth source such as the tablet.

The bulk of Bluetooth speakers are tiny and thus they usually lack low-frequency response. That means that you won’t be able to play soundtracks and get the same quality as with your bookshelf or floor-standing speakers at home. However, their main advantage is that they are portable. Also, since they run from batteries they typically don’t get very loud. You can make up for this in part by using a subwoofer which …


Telephone networks lately have been transformed into digital data networks. In fact, the Internet and phone networks are fairly similar nowadays. However, transmitting voice or video via the Internet poses some challenges since the Internet has never been primarily been designed for real-time data. That means that there is no guarantee how much latency a particular data packet will incur when traveling from the transmitter to the receiver.

Unfortunately, phone conversations depend on low latency. That is why telephone providers rarely ever use satellite connections because a satellite link will incur a latency of at least half a second. This latency is very noticeable and can lead to stuttering during the conversation. However, many people still use the Internet when making phone calls because the cost is so much less than talking over regular phone network. If you have a flat rate plan with your telephone provider that you still might prefer using the phone network because it does offer better quality of service in the Internet. However, if you don’t have a flat rate plan then you might want to consider using the Internet more often.

There’s a bunch of applications that you can download which will allow you to …


Many people hesitate to purchase secondhand equipment. Especially audio products tend to have a connotation of degrading over time. Therefore, people who are looking to purchase high-end audio systems rarely ever consider purchasing a secondhand product. However, let me explain that this might not always be the case. You can actually save a bundle when purchasing a secondhand unit versus buying new equipment.

First of all, a secondhand unit might be a product which has been used by customer or it might be a product which has been refurbished by the manufacturer. Products which have undergone refurbishing usually carry the original manufacturer warranty. Thus audio performance is also guaranteed by the vendor. So unless you are picky about cosmetics, you can purchase a refurbished unit without second thought.

Generally, refurbished products are 30 to 50% cheaper than new units. Given that you have the full warranty, a refurbished product is usually a good deal. Obviously, the packaging might be ripped or there may be some slight scratches on the surface. However, only performance is usually not affected.

Use products, on the other hand, have never undergone testing by the manufacturer after they have consoled. That means that there might be some …


A Look at Some Technologies Used in Audio Power Amplifiers

There exist different technologies being utilized for power amplifiers. Traditionally, amplifiers would use tubes. Tubes are elements which enable a voltage to be controlled by using a small control voltage. The small control voltage is connected to a pin of a vacuum tube. Then, the main voltage is applied across some terminals at each end of the two. Depending on the voltage on the control 10, the current flow across the tube is regulated. This in effect achieves amplification. To amplifiers have been for quite some time and are still popular these days. However, one of the main drawbacks of these types of amplifiers is the low power efficiency is well as high audio distortion.

Audio distortion is the result of the tube not being completely linear. In other words, the audio signal which is output by the amplifier is not an exact match to the control voltage multiplied by a factor X. In addition, due to the low power efficiency, these amplifiers are usually very bulky and require large heatsinks to dissipate the excess heat.

Later on, solid-state amplifiers became mainstream. The main difference between these types of amplifiers and …